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New Dandelion Root Extract

29.00 *
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New Olive Leaf Extract 720mg Capsules 180 pcs

56.00 *
100 g = 36.84 €
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Delivery weight: 0.2 kg

New Astragalus Root Powder 250g 100% pure

16.00 *
100 g = 6.40 €
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Delivery weight: 0.34 g
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"Health is the first duty in Life" - Oscar Wilde


For 20 years we have made it our mission to provide you with the best products in the best quality. Since the founding of the SinoPlaSan AG we can truly say that we stand behind every single one of our products with the fullest conviction. An important principle of our company is "quality instead of quantity", therefore we exclusively manufacture and develop products that we consider to be the most successful for our clients. Ideal product composition, highest product compatibility and diverse combination possibilities of the products are our first priority!

Of course, all products permanently undergo strict quality assurance measures with recognized test methods (residue controls for pollutants, e.g. pesticides and other toxins such as heavy metals as well as microbiological tests). Our aim is your success with our products. Therefore, we are always at your disposal if you require individual consultation or in case you would like to find the best matching product for your individual goal.

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